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About Us


The Glass Slipper Pageant Resale Website was created in March of 2013 by Andy and Autumn Kastein to help make listing and browsing for pageant related items easier and less stressful. After having a successful facebook group, The Glass Slipper Pageant Resale Shop, we decided to start a website based on comments made by the users of the group. Some of the concerns that people had was that the group had gotten so popular that the moment they listed an item it got bumped down. After a day, in many cases, the post was no longer visible unless it was actively “bumped” back to the top. Also, there was noway to search for items which makes looking for your pageant apparel very labor intensive. Dealing with these issues, as well as many others…The Glass Slipper Pageant Resale Website was created!

Why list/browse on The Glass Slipper Pageant Resale Website?

  • Register for FREE 
  • Browse for FREE 
  • Refine your search by Cost, Size, Color, or Designer. Why browse hundreds of dresses you’re not interested in!
  • Search by keyword
  • Website is indexed on all major search engines. What does this mean? Lets say you list your “Fernando Wong Interview Suit” on the website….it automatically gets sent to Google and if anyone searches for that term or a similar term your item will show up in the results.
  • You have the ability to post a comment (can be viewed by everyone) on an item or send a private email
  • View a general location of where the item/user is that listed the item. This may be helpful if you want to try an item on
  • When posting an item you are able to see the total number of people that viewed your item and also a daily count
  • You can send your item, or any other item to Facebook. This will increase the number of views your item gets
  • Your ad stays active for 6 months (180 days). If your item hasn’t sold after that time you have the option to renew it at no cost
  • You have the ability to edit your ad at anytime. This includes marking your item sold which can be done in your “dashboard”
  • When posting an item it automatically gets forwarded to the The Glass Slipper Pageant Resale Shop Facebook page. This happens under the username of “Glass Slipper”


  1. tstull22 says:

    How do I purchase an item?

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